Thursday 7 August 2014

18.5' Wilderness Guide by Island Falls Canoe

A new project, not seen in Ontario or many parts of Canada, Guide canoes are highly developed canoes that originated and are common in Maine, and are direct descendants of birchbark canoes. The 18.5' version built by Jerry Stelmok at is a great example of this style of boat, and built since the late '70s in his shop. We were lucky enough to find one of his earliest boats, confirmed by Jerry to be his at the WCHA assembly in the Adirondacks this summer. Needing a completed rebuild, it will perform beautifully paddling and tripping throughout the province. 

Guide equipped for sailing

Guide loaded for tripping

Newly finished

Shellac bottoms are popular on boats that are tripped hard

Yet another boat left upside down on the ground

Both ends needing a rebuild

Classic sheerline

Half ribs, popular in these boats

Characteristic carry thwart from Island Falls Canoe

Early seats done in woven cane, to be replaced

Copper patches from hard use

Fully biodegradeable!

Jerry with our boat, from one of his first runs of boats circa late 1970s

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