Saturday 14 June 2014

Redbird 17.5 Cedar Stripper project

Made famous by Ted Moores , at 17.5' long, 33" beam and likely finished weight below 60lbs, more of these have been built by both amateurs and professionals than can be counted. A fast day or weekend tripper, this one came to us as a project requiring finishing, with the hull largely completed.  Spots show where the glass was originally starved of epoxy, but with subsequent finish coats the hull is fair and smooth, ready for paint.  The inside will need sanding and levelling, as it exhibits runs and high spots.  Many amateur builders put too heavy a coat on the insides, rather than multiple thin coats for a gradual fill of the weave and build up, so this one will need some work before it can be said to be done. Covered in dust, another project started but not finished. Boat will be offered for sale when done, with choice of exterior hull colour and design up to its new owner. 

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