Saturday 14 June 2014

New Wanigan for WCHA Auction

Just like building 12" of a canoe, steam bent ribs, planking and all.  Building for the auction at the assembly in Paul Smiths, NY. Since i set up and call the auction, its always fun to auction off one of your own pieces and send it home with a new owner.  This one is  built of Birdseye Maple, Mahogany and Roasted Curly Maple. Maybe not the most functional, but still a nice piece of wood. 

Sides on the form, waiting for ribs 

Western Red Cedar planking milled and cut 

Lid planed to finished thickness and sanded


Lid and sides, ribs and planking to go on next

Steaming ribs for bending, 200 degrees is optimal. 

Quick set up for 4 ribs, dont need the whole steambox. Custom Epifanes support!

Shop helper, ribs all on. 

Top cut to size, rib tops to be sanded. 

Oiled, ready for varnish.

4 coats of varnish will make it dance. 

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