Sunday 12 January 2014

Evolution of trailering canoes

Putting canoes on the roof sucks almost as much as trying to cram too much gear into the vehicle. Not wanting to drive a pickup, we have had a box trailer for years. It handles everything from mulch for yardwork, to spring cleanouts and purchases too big to fit in the van.
Trouble is, its a less than ideal canoe hauler.

Its picked up its share, but its awkward and since it tilts it moves around a lot. Plus its stiffly sprung and marks up wood gunwales, since its hard to get padding to stay in place.

Enter the ultimate hauler. 4 boats, no matter how heavy, and a huge box so you take way more than you would ever need. But for car camping, it cant be beat since you can bring half a cord of firewood! Note the full size bbq in the back on the right.

It was one sexy trailer, for sure. 

Trouble was, it was overkill for just one boat during those times you would retrieve a new find. Fully laden, it strained smaller vehicles too. 

Happy times, picking up boats from Camp Keewaydin in Temagami. With a bombproof trailer like this, miles of washboard road cause no concern.

Enter the perfect blend. The box trailer and canoe hauler were sold for this beauty. Built like a tank with big wheels and hubs, its got a drop gate, fixed box for heavy loads when used as a utility trailer when the removable racks are off.
Racks go on, waterproof cover over gear and its expedition ready, for the roughest roads. Additional racks will allow for 4 boats. After we extend the tongue, it will be the perfect trailer for all purposes. 

After some sanding and wire wheeling, and paint to match the van we'll be ready for whatever trips we take this spring. 

Gotta be a hammertone paint, looks great and conceals surface imperfections like rust dimples

Maybe a little more silver that black. 

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