Sunday 12 May 2013

New ROS sander

There are tools that are nice to own, and tools that you HAVE to own. Like most boatbuilders and restorers, a Random Orbital Sander is way up on the list of necessities. As such, we've burned out and used up a few - not that they werent quality, they just get lots of hours of use. When the latest one bit the dust recently we threw a quickie into service, an offshore unit bought as a back up on sale for under $40 bucks. Back up status turned into permanent service, and close to a year later it too succumbed. A quick trip to my least favourite big box store yielded a Milwaukee ROS on sale for $77. At 3 amps, variable speed and with a dust chute the correct size for my current dust collection it seemed to fit the bill.
Its Milwaukee,  a brand known for quality tools used by a lot of trades, but can they build nice woodworking machinery?

The answer is yes, its a great piece of equipment. Even without hooking it up to dust collection, it does a great job of scavenging dust as it is, and it has the necessary size port to be hooked up if the bag isnt sufficient. Comfortable and powerful, at over $30 less than the replacement for my old Dewalt, this was a great tool at a great price. 
The only question is, should i buy a spare for the inevitable day this one is worked to death.....?