Saturday 16 March 2013

More kevlar boat repairs

Another kevlar boat in for renovation, a Swift 16' this time. While the hull is in near perfect condition, it is heavily oxidized and the wood has suffered from being left outside upturned. Trimmed in ash, it needs sanding, bleaching and sealing.

Nice Swift details like a sliding front seat

This boat also has the curved solo paddling thwart behind the carry thwart, all blackened from exposure

They sure come apart easier than an 80 or 90 year old woodie.

Rotten tips stopped just short of the cherry decks, a nice touch 

Whether classic or contemporary, they dont like being left out in the weather over the seasons

Typical deck rot

DY, designed by David Yost, swifts prolific and talented designer. Great paddling boats and a great guy to meet. 

A quick buff shows the oxidation will come off the gelcoat nicely

 Lots of black rot starting. 

All good reasons to give modern boats trimmed with wood the same care as the classics

Framework going back in after refinishing, and new gunwales going on.

New tips scarph joined on both ends, remarkably decks survived and were not rotten.

Completed boat shined up, good as new


Ready for delivery back to the owner, as spring fast approaches and the last of the snow melts.