Saturday 2 February 2013

Kevlar Canoe Repairs

 Latest boat in is a 16' kevlar canoe that has served its owner well over many trips and countless hours over the last 30+ years, now no longer serviceable due to its condition.

 Lots of grinding along the stems as produced leaking into the flotation chambers at the ends.

 A previous repair, no longer leaking but with no exterior repairs done.

Previous keel repair, polyester resin on fiberglass and now leaking





 Longitudinal crack along bottom near the turn of the bilge

 Originally trimmed in Cherry, synthetic boats still cannot be left out indefinitely unless they have aluminum or vinyl trim. This one has suffered the same rot typically found in a tradtional canoe; right at the tips.

 Kevlar is in fine condition, no work required other than replacing gunwales and deck

 Despite its age, lots of tumblehome and a sweet set of lines, not always present in Kevlar and Fiberglass boats

 New Cherry deck

 Rot well underway, from up in the nose of the boat

 New gunwales, deck and seats in and awaiting finishing

 Interior patches can be seen; boat will be treated with a UV stabilized clear finish inside to even out and disguise repairs, as well as protecting the cloth and resin from further degrading.

 After gelcoat is prepared, hi build primer is applied and allowed to fully cure
New marine enamel is then applied

 First coat, on its way to three and a rejuvenated 30yr old boat, put back into service and kept out of the landfill

Finished boat, inside coated to add uv stabilizers to cloth to stop degradation from sun exposure. 

New life for a 30+ year old, heavily used tripping boat. Boats such as these hold as many memories and attachments as our usual wooden and antique commissions.