Friday 15 February 2019

New build - form first

We need a Chestnut Featherweight, the rarely seen 11' single seat boat made by Canada's longest running canoe manufacturer. Not to be confused with the 11' trapper model with two seats and a different, wider hull shape, the featherweight model was just the thing for small waters and getting back to hidden spots. Starting with plans for a similar boat, these will be much modified to match the dimensions of the Featherweight, and changed for cedar canvas construction. A solid form is on the way, with the first step being the setting of stations. Pine doublers will be added to the plywood stations for fastening the pine strips into, and finally steel banded.

Dick Wickett at the Chestnut factory, holding up an early featherweight

A single seat 'glass boat built to similar dimensions.  Needs rails and woodwork, but it aint cedar canvas so wont cut it. 

Another Featherweight, lifted from Pinterest

Laying out on 3/4 ply

Carbon paper for tracing out lines

Getting the teenager into the build

Forms cut out, to be sanded to new shape, then reduced for cedar canvas construction

New Bosch barrel grip, found on sale. No other jigsaw performs like these.

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