Tuesday 1 January 2019

Dory Progress - stem, transom and rails

Time to get going on fitting out the hull. 
Mahogany will do nicely, durable and straight grained for the most part, and easy to work

 1.5" board for transom, stem and other trim
 To be laminated for the necessary stem width
 Transom fitted and epoxied into place
 Stem in place
 Rails dry fitted
 Helper as outfeed table (and infeed immediately preceeding)
 Railstock ripped, to be dimensioned
 Finishing rails
 Rails just 1" short!
 Rail extensions spliced on

 Lots of wax paper during clamp up to keep squeeze out from gluing parts together

 Rails fitted, to be beveled

Ends cut and beveled
 Rails ready to fit, after epoxy sealing backsides and lower edge

Next up is inner rails, seats and centerboard trunk trim