Sunday 21 January 2018

Grand Laker restoration

Trailer adjusted to fit, and shrink wrapped for January travel


Recent winter storms in New England not only dumped lots of snow and knocked power out, but the roads were full of salt and ice preventer.

Wrap likely wont last the 1000km, but will get us over the majority of the way without a layer of salt and dirt inside

Not too much overhang, not bad for a full 19'8"

 Ready to roll, a mild weekend thaw was the perfect opportunity to run to Maine to retrieve it

 Somewhere around Albany NY it started to slowly unravel, but no matter since the sun was out and the pavement was dry

Unloaded and unwrapped before it goes in the shop

New rails tied inside, to be installed as part of a working restoration

Solid stem, planks and ribs. 

Solid transom and thwarts, broken rails

Spruce rails will be replaced with ash. 
 Seat and knees are solid

Transom plates inside and out to keep the engine bracket from biting into the wood

Half ribs, interior is a candidate for sealing and painting with marine enamel, and will likely get painted. Fiberglass is well adhered so wont be removed, work starts next week

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