Sunday 17 January 2016

Jointer project

Almost ready, and really need it done. All painted and going back together with this.

Been looking forward to trying out Boeshield, a rust inhibitor developed by Boeing for use on metal aircraft parts. Not only a water displacer, it leaves a film that doesnt fill up with dust and debris.

Main body on stand

Adjusters and fence lock. Adjusters thread through bronze carriers.

All parts lubed up. 

Cutterhead with new bearings in carriers ,  and outfeed table. 

Outfeed table with adjuster sleeved back in and carrier ready to bolt to main body

Cutterhead cap and fence end. 

 Back together, ready to mount on table and connect to motor.

Finally done

Sleeved pulleys rather than keyed for better balance, matched for 3800 rpm with a 1hp motor turning at 1750 rpm.

Motor in place, to be wired to a new switch box

Last piece to be painted, guard top. 

 Link belt from Lee Valley will be used , as they are supposed to run cooler and quieter. If they run well, all machines will get it. 

Next shots will be up and running and testing with lumber.