Saturday 5 December 2015

More boxes

Dont have any use for burned out old teachers, the kind unions protect while they act like entitled children and dont deliver the education children deserve. Again we've been fortunate to have 2 that are making a tremendous difference in helping our kids reach their full potential. Still time before xmas to make a few boxes, like my oldest asked to do. They even stepped up their contribution in the shop. First a super light all cedar, then a birdseye and black walnut one nearing completion. 

All cedar just after a coat of Tung oil, with ash rails

Plaking is alternating red and white cedar

Gluing up lid of figured maple and black walnut

Sides planed

Sides, ribs and planks stacked on the cruiser

Lots of dust, and comfortable shoes for a concrete floor. Asics gels in support of breast cancer research

Dust collector barrell full

Shaped, ready to mount after oil

Tung oil will prevent water stains during building

Nice colour contrast

Ready to build

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