Saturday 10 November 2012


Normally i prefer to canvas a boat right side up, however with the shop still not optimized we had 3 boats to do in a hurry and opted to canvas upside down. Not requiring the bracing from above, it offered a quicker setup however i thought it might be slower working on an upside down boat while stretching and fastening. Friends in both the US and Canada have employed this method for years, but we'd never done it in favour of right side up work.
 Canvassing a Peterborough at a colleague's shop, showing bracing from above.
The canoe ready to have the canvas fastened.
Stuff everywhere, but slowly getting sorted. Canvas stretched over the upside down canoe, getting ready for fastening.

3 boats done, waiting for ends to be stretched, and fastened. 3 canoes in 4 hours, proving this method is as quick as the old favourite. 

Completed boats awaiting filling. 

Bow fastened and stretched. 

17' canoe on a not-quite-17' car. Another one leaves ready to be completed by the owner.